“New Oil for Old Masters”

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Russell Bordash   

Recreating the Works of the Masters

The passion of most artists is creation.  Mine is recreation.  I marvel at the famous works handed down to us by the masters of the past four centuries.  They contain images of eternal truths.   The beauty of the human body.  The power of conflict, both physical and mental.  The wonder of mythology, and the reverence of religious belief.  The depth of the human condition.  Often, I see perfection - the perfect child’s face, the perfect angel, the perfect smile.  This is my inspiration . . . to recreate the perfection of the masters.  I call it “New Oil for Old Masters.” My goal is not to improve on them or reinterpret them, but simply to capture the magic of old masterpieces with new paint.  In so doing, I hope to honor them and maybe in a small way to enhance their relevance to art lovers centuries later.